The ferocious Fareas in action!! #recording #westoakland #soundwave (at Soundwave Studios)

The homie Jeremy Fareas from the band @nameband coming in to do some bass tracks!! Don’t forget tomorrow!! The uptown in Oakland!! Chicky’s bday party. (at Soundwave Studios)

Zoe Riggins trying to be like her daddy @kewlasschris telling some off the cuff jokes. (at soundwave studios)

Good friend, fellow AHS classmate, and very talented comedian @kewlasschris doing a pretty funny rant over a LFADM beat with his little ones yesterday at the studio. (at Soundwave Studios)

Jason laying down some guitar for the upcoming release. (at Soundwave Studios)

Work work work today. #recording #lafinabsolutedumonde #soundwave #westoakland (at Soundwave Studios)

Sultry vocals getting ready for this birthday show in Oakland at the Uptown this Saturday!!! (at Soundwave Studios)

Next Saturday is Chicky’s birthday. We’re playing the Uptown in Oakland to celebrate the monumental occasion. SO COME OUT PEOPLE!! There will be cake… (at McDonald’s at 2301 Macdonald Ave)

Look what we did. (at Soundwave Studios)

CHiCKY not only locked the keys in the van, but she got this hanger stuck in the drivers side door trying to get them out. (at Soundwave Studios)